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OTP,K&H,MKB Szépkártya elfogadóhely


The settlement also because of the unique natural values ​​is due to: the World Heritage protected Baradla cave and karst region. Aggtelek crossing Slovakia irányába.A surface Baradla stalactite cave Aggtelek and Jósvafõ entrance connecting the 7.5-kilometer run, stretching the Baradla trail where walking visitors - on foot or by bicycle - outstandingly beautiful natural environment, gain knowledge about the geological, hydrological, zoological , botanical and cultural values​​.

The natural values ​​of the region today due to its apogee. The World Heritage karst and cave Baradla values ​​Aggtelek built - together with the neighboring Jósvafõ - number of programs throughout the summer and is organizing a series of programs under the supervision of Aggtelek National Park.


In the vicinity of the oldest artifacts from the Stone Age. The so-called Neolithic Bükk culture representatives have settled in the caves közelében.A populated settlements after the conquest, the inhabitants of the Árpád age vasolvasztással addressed. First, a Series 1295 Certificate Ogogteluk As mentioned, in 1390 Agtellek form szerepelt.A rural area of ​​more than 20 thousand hectares of conservation area since 1985. Europe's unique system of caves to get to know regular cave tours depart.



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Valentines Day Aggtelek
2011-11-07 10:54:11
Aggtelek Valentine's Day!
Aggtelek not just a cave.
Aggtelek unforgettable experience of getting local color

Aggtelek programs. 2011th annual tours, concerts, camps
2011-11-03 09:22:14

2011th November 11
Martin's Day Playhouse - Jósvafõ Training Center

2011th November 26
Santa's Tour - Aggtelek

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