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OTP,K&H,MKB Szépkártya elfogadóhely

Katica Vend

The Katica Vend?gh?z Aggtelek traffic away from the most frequented place in a quiet and panoramic setting and unique facilities.

We are one of the Aggtelek National Park closest to the stalactite cave atmosphere, 9pcs our accommodation, spare part, nest, bathroom, color TV, with rooms and a fully equipped kitchen, dining area. All seats 40-42 people.

Services and adventure elements of the accommodation:


  • - The yard parking for cars. (Buses)
  • - Private garden with garden furniture
  • - Barbecue, grilling and frying bacon option
  • - Pool
  • - Childrens Playground
  • - Tableware and cutlery
  • - Petting zoo
  • - WI-FI
  • - On demand supply breakfast and hot dinner, unlimited consumption!
  • - Camp site

The courtyard pool, sunbathing, cooking bacon, cooking and grilling, kids petting zoo, playground possible. The guests their own private parking area.

Aggtelek every season many and varied program offers opportunities for the visitors. The program-related promotions and offers part of the package prices and access information.

Whoever wants to visit Aggtelek always back here! Join us this year and learn Aggtelek, Torna karst region and magnificent beauty, harmony, peace of mind!

I am sure that those who visit us and spend a few days with us, a lot of unforgettable experiences will be richer!

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Current News

Valentines Day Aggtelek
2011-11-07 10:54:11
Aggtelek Valentine's Day!
Aggtelek not just a cave.
Aggtelek unforgettable experience of getting local color

Aggtelek programs. 2011th annual tours, concerts, camps
2011-11-03 09:22:14

2011th November 11
Martin's Day Playhouse - Jósvafõ Training Center

2011th November 26
Santa's Tour - Aggtelek

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