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OTP,K&H,MKB Szépkártya elfogadóhely

Welcome dear visitor!

Aggtelek quiet, peaceful environment, clean air, plenty of opportunities for leisure, in the underground over the unique natural values of the Aggtelek National Park in the heart of a World Heritage site all year round, whether it is up to a quiet weekend relaxing at the family or a programs full of adventure week with friends.

Our goal is that we spent time visiting the unforgettable experiences to benefit from knowledge of the enriched environment, and our return home, the regions reputation and take your house.

Why the Katica Vend?gh?z:

  • because this region is very highly decorated ...
  • because the food is very tasty ...
  • because they are tired ... the body relaxes
  • they are all beautiful ...
  • because there is no reason to complain ...

Those who choose the Guest House accommodation, shall not suffer any lack of relaxation. In the courtyard parking area, barbecue, playground, petting zoo comfortable rooms, outdoor pool, makes it even more enjoyable recreation

If we offer:

  • unique
  • pairs from
  • families
  • escape from the clutches of stress and a little mini Wellness or
  • honeymoon from

Arrive in groups:

  • forest school, class trip
  • dude is a good company party
  • training in your organization
  • team building
  • out-door training



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Current News

Valentines Day Aggtelek
2011-11-07 10:54:11
Aggtelek Valentine's Day!
Aggtelek not just a cave.
Aggtelek unforgettable experience of getting local color

Aggtelek programs. 2011th annual tours, concerts, camps
2011-11-03 09:22:14

2011th November 11
Martin's Day Playhouse - Jósvafõ Training Center

2011th November 26
Santa's Tour - Aggtelek

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